Campus Sutra wants to customise your campus life with their merchandise

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Campus Sutra wants to customise your campus life with their merchandise

If you passed out of college in India , one thing that you would’ve missed out on was college merchandise. Remember those hollywood movies where college kids wear their hoodies or jackets with their college or team ensemble. Those Alumni meetups where all of them were dressed up in college jackets or hoodies? A new Bangalore based startup will help you do the same for you or your college.

Campus Sutra, a Bangalore based startup, is the new entrant onto the scene of campus merchandising and they believe in making your campus life fun.

Of late College students have started designing their own merchandise and getting them made for their departments or teams, but this is a pretty new trend and is a pain to design and get it made. And for most of us who just want to buy it off the college store, it is still not possible.Campussutra

In India only an handful of institutions have stores in campus which offer institution branded merchandize to its students and alumni. Also the stores set up in the campus are not able to cater to alumni which is the biggest target market for any institution.

The company lets you or your institution choose from an array of customized products like t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, polos, sweatshirts, sippers, caps, badges etc, designed following your brand guidelines, giving you the much wanted customised merchandise.

The startup wants to target the young, excited college students who wants to customize campus culture through customized  t-shirts, hoodies and other merchandises. They are currently working out of a small space, but they like to think big and at this rate of growth it looks like they will need more space soon. Their designers seems to have a notorious sense of humour and this can be seen in their products.

Their online store has been set up for institutions like schools, colleges and NGOs for selling institution branded merchandise. You can choose from an array of customized merchandize like t-shirts, jackets, hoodies etc. and they are designed following institution’s brand guidelines.

To make a purchase all you have to do is visit Campus Sutra and choose from the list of schools, colleges or companies. Once you are in your chosen page, the items customised for your institution are displayed. You can add the required items to your cart and continue shopping. If your institution is not listed, you can give in your email address to be notified when they are available or just go ahead and design one for yourself. To make your own design you have to choose the product you want customised eg. t-shirt, jacket, hoodie or other available merchandise. The next step is to customise your choice with text, clips and other design elements. Here you are also given an option to upload a logo you wish to print, provided you have the permission to use the same. The final step is to add the required quantity of the product into your cart and proceed for payment. Payments can be made through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net banking, Cash on Delivery or Ghar Pay. The service require at least 5 days for delivery of your merchandise. If you are not satisfied with the design, you can send back the unused merchandise for a new design.

The company has now expanded to designing for companies and other causes like NGO’s and other activities. You can also place bulk procurement orders with them.

Last year another Bangalore based startup in the customised merchandise space, Alma Mater secured Series A funding from Indian Angel Network.

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