Create and Execute Interactive Guides on Any Website With whatfix [UnPluggd Demo #6]

whatfix-logoTo know about a general review or know-how of any new product, feature, prevailing subject etc.- we generally tend to go to various forums over the web. While, forums do help users to address their concerns, it also waste a considerable amount of time. Here comes Whatfix, a Bangalore based community platform demoing at Unpluggd to your rescue.

Whatfix is a community platform, where anyone can create, share and execute interactive guides on any website or web apps. Guides are created via browser extensions and published as slideshows with options to embed them in websites.

Businesses generally offer insight on new product or know-how of new features via blogs, frequently asked questions (FAQs), support forums, screencast, chat and so on. However, all these options are time consuming for business. Whatfix seamlessly provides step-by-step instructions (balloon tips) within the website to complete the task.

Consumers can use guides as inline balloon tips on website itself (using browser extensions or script put in by the site owner or they can walk through slideshows in whatfix or other websites embedding them. Guides can be tagged and categorized under different topics for everyone to follow their interest.

Creating a guide is almost as simple as using it. It is that simple!

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