Interactive Website Guides Gets a New Fix with whatfix, Bangalore Based Startup

Creating interactive guides for your website is something that you have always planned for, but it’s one of those things that you keep delaying because of lack of creative resources.

Bangalore based whatfix wants to be the answer to all your interactive/how-to guides. The product is aimed at anybody who wants to create how-to guides on the web – be it bloggers who write How To pieces to customer support teams who need to share interactive guides as part of solving customer needs.

Whatfix : Interactive Guides
Whatfix : Interactive Guides

Launched at UnPluggd, whatfix has come out of private beta now and so far, 500 users have signed up for the service (created more than 250 interactive guides).

One of the interesting feature of the service is the ability to embed the entire guide using custom JS (think of it as a slideshare/youtube for interactive guides). In order to create the interactive guide, you need to install WhatFix’s browser plugin, but the company has now released new scripts that can be added to websites. On addition of this script to websites, user’s executing guide won’t need browser extension and will make it seamless for third party.

Whatfix was conceptualized based on the pain area founders faced while working with users of the previous product, SearchEnabler.

The service is currently free to use and will follow the freemium model, once it hits a certain momentum. For sure, Whatfix does simplify the interactive guide creation and if you are a startup who is looking for a quick way to get started, you have to give Whatfix a serious spin.

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