Now create an interactive product demo presentation using Label59’s DIY platform

It takes a lot of effort to create a video demo/presentation of one’s product – especially when you want a lot of jazz built into it.

Jalandhar based Startup, Label59 has launched its web application that helps you to label anything interactively on your own in minutes. The product is ideal for creating engaging presentations in Flash & HTML5 (e.g. product feature demos, labelled diagrams for learning material etc.) that have interactive labels attached to them.

These labels are hotspots on the photo and are represented by markers. You then define content for each of these markers by adding connectors (connecting lines emerging from the markers to pinpoint finer details), arrows (linear dimension tool to highlight dimensions), text blocks (animated blocks containing text), tooltips (a hover box with information about the item being hovered over) & details window (popup window within the presentation).

You start by adding a photo and creating interactive drag and drop markers on it. Each photo is treated as a slide and you can add markers in the photos. What you get as a result of all this is an impressive presentation that highlights the key points on your photo when the markers are clicked or when the mouse pointer hovers over them. Once you publish your presentation, you can get the direct link/embed code of the product (also available in downloadable zip format).

For running Label 59 Application, you need a browser with Flash Player 11 and the startup has now launched HTML5 support as well.

As far as target segment is concerned, the Jalandhar based startup is targeting various segments – right from business professionals (for cost effective product demos) to teachers, students, researchers and creative professionals.

In terms of monetization model, the startup is following freemium model – i.e. free (for 10 demos) and paid plans (credits and premium) with restriction on the number of presentations /slides (5 credits per slide).

For sure, a promising platform and we recommend NextBigWhat readers to give Label59 a spin and share feedback/suggestions.

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