We are eagerly waiting for WordPress 3.0 and the latest development build has added an interesting feature that will enable wordpress bloggers to create their own branded shorturls.

Why create your own short url?

For branding and also, reliability.

If you are particular about branding, you do not want to give away the branding juice to bit.ly/ow.ly or other url shortener. WIth wordpress 3.0, you would be able to create your own short urls (like http://NextBigWhat.com?p=7468 is the shorturl for this post)

URL shortener with wordpress

As far as reliability is concerned, we have implemented bit.ly api and many a times it just doesnt work. An official module that embedded into the system is far more reliable than using third party APIs.

WordPress plugins/hacks to create your own shorturl

There are quite a few hacks to create one’s own shorturl, but one of the most important piece that one needs to understand is that few plugins do not yet have a clear understanding of 301/302 redirect. And if you happen to use any of these plugins, you will be penalized by Google for duplicate content.

We will soon cover how to create your own short urls, but if you are the one who would rather wait for official module, WordPress 3.0 is the way to go.

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