Create Twitter Groups (Public/Private) using TweetKnot

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Create Twitter Groups (Public/Private) using TweetKnot

There is always a need for a structured community (public as well as private) around Twitter, be it for geekies, movie lovers, your office colleagues, your college friends or what’er you would like to discuss within a group.

TweetKnot, Bangalore based startup has launched their service that allows tweples to create knots (i.e. a community) and share tweets with others in the knots.

Feature list includes:

  • Every member of Knot can send the message to all other members.
  • TweetKnot provides support to create private Knots.
  • Owner of Knot can specify sources (twitter users) whose messages appear in the Knot automatically – for instance, you can create a tech knot and follow updates from pluggdin twitter account

TweetKnot doesn’t need any registration and you just need to authenticate your Twitter credentials to use the service.

You can join any public knot – each knot (i.e. group) has been modeled like a twitter profile page – the interface is neatly done to make it as intuitive as Twitter.

To me, this is a very useful service (logical extension to Twitter) and can potentially help manage the SN ratio (i.e. signal-to-noise) as well.

What’s your opinion?

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