Create Telephonic Survey in Different Languages Using Survey42, Gurgaon Based Startup

If you would like to launch a telephone survey, you will have to build your own IVR system, record voices, create response system etc etc. That is, you either need to build the entire system from the scratch or use some of the existing tools that let you create such IVR system on the fly, but again, configuring them is not easy!survey42

Gurgaon based Survey42 has launched an online telephone survey building tool which abstracts IVR and text to speech system to make things super easy for end-customer.

Using Survey42, you can create telephone survey in more than 20 languages. Plus, unlike other survey mediums where you need to wait for days and even weeks for the results, you can get results in matter of hours.

Survey42 Example
Survey42 Example

Langauges supported include Hindi, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Polish, Russian etc.

How Survey42 works

You simply create survey using Survery42’s survey editor, define an introduction text ( which is played before starting the survey, explaining user about the call ), define questions and possible options. This is then converted into speech using text to speech engines. These voices are then played to the phone numbers provided by you in survey database, and collect responses. These accumulated responses can be seen in the reporting section.


If you are an organization or an agency looking to run surveys in different languages, do give Survey42 a spin.

Also, check out VoxApp, which is focused on enterprise survey space.