Creately – Create Diagrams (Flowchart/Mind maps etc) Online Collaboratively


Creately – Create Diagrams (Flowchart/Mind maps etc) Online Collaboratively

There are very few options to create diagrams collaboratively and most of the current softwares are desktop based, cluttered with features and of course, heavily priced.

Creately is an online tool to create diagrams like flowcharts/mind maps/Process flows/Org charts etc for free.

Creately is a very simplified version of Visio and unlike the existing desktop applications, product’s strong USP comes in the form of collaboration.

The product is loaded with several templates and that makes it easy for the users to get started with the system – there are inbuilt logic built in the components/objects as well.

Creately supports international keyboard/characters and one can also post their diagrams on Twitter/share with others (each diagram has a permalink).

The user experience is damn neat – Infact, if you are a Visio user, switching to Creately will be a breeze.

At the same time, the product is in a state where it can become another visio – i.e. the propensity to become another cluttered diagram creation tool seems to be very high (how about contextual menus, folks?)

Creately is currently in closed beta, but one can apply for an access here.

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