Creation is…[Travails of a Fledgling]

This post is written by Tamagna & edited by Arvind. Tamagna (works as marketing manager for a major national FM Radio channel) shares his 2 years journey with Arvind about how he was finally able to produce a cohort of art photographs and present the work on a gallery. All from entrepreneurship point of view.

Creation is org*sm. Don’t know about you guys, but at least that’s what I experience in creativity. Nurture creativity, and it will make you feel that you’re the youngest entrepreneur in the room. No matter what age you are. And believe it or not, it is the smaller steps, like strokes of brush or one or two lines of ‘hacks’, that really give the kick, the ultimate satisfaction. Call it pivoting, call it iterations or what you will, but a continuous pursuit to “creatively create” is how you as an entrepreneur are going to weave the yarn around an idea to make it look attractive, feasible and ultimately kiss you success.

IMHO there is no theory of motivation. It simply boils down to just one word – creativity. If at a later stage when your product is successful, and you start loving status quo – your creative pursuits will go down, and thus the motivation of the team will also fall apart.

It is the act to create that gives the kick to move on and make an idea possibly the biggest thing existing in the world. Every venture kick-starts with a zeroth element – an idea – and the only differentiation later on is the number of hacks (high quality small steps) taken over time to push the idea towards its creative identity. Now since I am an artist, who was a hacker earlier (opposite is true for Arvind), I believe that technology cannot replicate human art form. It is not easy, or even possible, for robots to create human beings. Creation is always other way round.

A technologist can org**mic-ally, I mean literally organically grow up, his/her idea right up to the level of an ‘art’ form. Like Steve Jobs did with Apple. But it takes time to bring a piece come to life, bring an order out of the chaos, and like there is a saying – hang around long enough if you really want to see the dream come into reality. Photographs and paintings are my products. I have been able to pursue national & international rock bands, performance artists, guitarists through out the country and do what I do best. Capture the close-ups and let the sheer pleasure run through my veins.

I have now showcased my work in a art-gallery at Mumbai. If you are an art-bug, do share your views on it and this. Better still, if you’re in Mumbai do drop by “The RockYourHami Exhibition” @ Zenzi , Bandra(Mumbai) till 10th of April, 2011. The coffee is on me.

So it took two years for me to reach here. With some connections, it might take less. But honestly, the effort is worth pursuing. Create a lot.

At this juncture you might probably debate whether art and photography depend too much on the individual, his persona, who creates the work? And that its value is dependent on his or her name. I’d say yes, but that doesn’t mean that the new entrepreneur cannot venture. I too want to break the rules, and in some way or the other an incumbent will have to give me a way forward. That’s my story of entrepreneurship, albeit from a different world.

Have you guys experienced the kick in your hacks? What do you think?

P.S: This is my first music photography exhibition at Mumbai.

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