oCricket – Content Portal for Cricket Crazy

India is a cricket crazy country and while Cricinfo rules the traffic curve, there is surely an opportunity in this space.

oCricket is a newly launched portal that lets you create cricket related content (including rich media) , meet other  cricket frenzy fans (groups/forum discussions) and has regular blogging features (content creation/voting/tagging/commenting etc).

Pretty Cricket Fans
Pretty Cricket Fans

If you look at the cricket market in web, CricInfo and Y! India Cricket are the topmost sites and one of the main reason is the traction they receive during cricket seasons (live score/commentary etc).

oCricket, at this stage seems to purely rely on UGC for the content (no editorial content?) – an area I’d really like them to warn against. They first need to drive the engagement (seed lots of content) and then UGC will come into the picture.

Most importantly, the site looks like just another CMS based social networking product – and the model, as we all know has failed.

pluGGd.in friends can get register by following this link Do give oCricket a spin and share your comments.

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