Komli Launches RevX, CRM Remarketing Platform


Komli Launches RevX, CRM Remarketing Platform

Komli has launched RevX, a new integrated cross-channel CRM remarketing platform. RevX enables marketers to leverage the full spectrum of consumer insights across web, mobile and CRM to reach users across devices. Marketers have complete transparency and control to integrate their customer data with RevX and run highly personalized campaigns across multiple channels including display, mobile and Facebook.

Komli Launches, Revx CRM Remarketing
Komli Launches, Revx CRM Remarketing

Although Komli has operated as a remarketing DSP since February 2014, with RevX, comes the introduction of CRM remarketing and Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Website Custom Audiences capabilities.

This allows marketers to leverage their CRM data like email ids and phone numbers to run cross-device campaigns on Facebook. Additionally, marketers can also run display and mobile remarketing campaigns to achieve their end goals of driving transactions, user engagement or app installs.

The company’s beta campaigns have delivered a 50% increase in transaction volumes by running Facebook Website Custom Audiences campaigns via RevX.

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