CRMnext has raised funding from Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) to accelerate the company’s global outreach and fuel investments into its research and innovation portfolio. crmnext

“We are focused on expanding our reach in the global market and this move will accelerate it. Even though we are a very profitable business, this funding will enable us to fuel investments into our research and innovation initiatives. All this will lead to further strengthening of our position as an enterprise class innovator in the CRM space, a space that has seen consolidation resulting in commoditization and has led to lack of real customer focused innovation” said Nishant Singh, CEO, CRMnext.

CRMnext runs some of the largest CRM implementations in Asia Pacifc, Africa and Middle East regions. In India today, all the top 3 private banks such as ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank and HDFC Bank use CRMnext. CRMnext helps manage sales, marketing and customer service across the organization, enables seamless sharing of information by centralizing all customer data and processes.

Recommended Insights (by CRMnext Founder): “There are three types of Customers- True thought leaders, Follow the pack and Bargain Hunters”

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