lets you communicate in your voice on the web is a freshly launched startup that lets you leave your voice all over the web – rather, allow people to communicate in their own personal voice on the web in three easy steps: Push. Speak. Share.

The service is available on iOS devices as well as Android and croakitimportantly, as an API enabling publishers to build voice based apps using the platform.

Some of the applications of include:
1. Share your thoughts and ideas instantly in 30 seconds with your friends and family all over the world.
2. Use the API to incorporate voice on your own platform. Let your customers leave their feedback without any hassle and communicate with your customers more personally with voice.
3. Use the API to develop a plethora of voice based applications! For example – if you want to develop the Talking Tom Cat (popular mobile application) functionality, all you have to do is copy paste a two line script from our API and add a third line of code which changes the frequency of the voice returned to you.
4. It can be used by bloggers all over the world to instantly share their thoughts with their readers and viewers. It is a more personal way to connect with people who follow you. was conceptualized and started by Protik Roychowdhury and N. Srinivasa Teja, graduates of IIT Kharagpur, class of 2011. The third member of the team, Shefali Pathak, is a Junior at Drexel, Philadelphia.

An interesting concept – do croak and share your suggestion/feedback with the team.

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