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As media converges, it is important to have platform that enable cross media distribution, a single-click approach towards creating rich media advertising for different platforms.

Lukup, a Bangalore based startup has launched its beta app that lets advertisers and publishers create rich media apps and ads. Lukup distributes rich media ads, content and applications on a variety of consumer platforms such as desktops, social networks, mobile phones, televisions and online. lukup

Essentially, Lukup is building a platform that sits between advertisers/agencies, broadcasters, channel partners (DTH/Carriers/OOH providers) and takes a cut (development fees based on T&M model, 15% of media buy/sell and performance charges (i.e. per download, custom action, click, impression as you may define) when you promote content on lukup on-device portals and publishing inventory itself.

Here is how Lukup works

Make Money online using LukupDevelopers, Advertisers, Content owners and publishers need to create content, ads and applications only once using lukup. Once submitted on, applications, ads and content get rendered on the selected consumer platform of choice. lukup applications are also connected to multiple social networks and are therefore social and can also use platform features such as location awareness on mobile phones.

Lukup has ambitious plans and the company has already raised $1mn from investors in UK/India (fyi: kallol Borah of Headstart is part of the founding team) and is currently building mobile and social widgets.

On a candid note, the current site does not really reflects the ambitious plans of the site – it is made to be conversational in nature (i.e. Twitter styled updates) which I certainly believe is not needed, registration link is not really a registration link [beta request actually].

An interesting play and at the face of it, it seems as if Lukup is trying to solve too many problems – that of transcoding, to aggregating ads, to attracting developers, to building social conversations.

What’s your opinion?

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