Pi of Life : The Crowdsourced Wisdom Edition

Every now and then, you come across some brilliant, profound ones on Twitter and on Facebook that make you pause and think. Here’s a few we thought we could share. Do leave more in the comments.

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? — TS Eliot

Seriously – I lost track of where I picked that from. But a simple Twitter search reveals it to be a favorite out there. It’s a great thought for those working with big data – it’s finally the outcomes that will determine value!

The next one is a key element of deriving most out of your career, entrepreneurship, whatever, irrespective of other goals.

Also echoed in this:

For product managers as well as for entrepreneurs still finding a product-market fit, the idea of doing the right things (which is not necessarily the ‘perfect’ thing) is very important to understand well – and not paralyze yourself. Of course, it works well as a philosophy for pretty much everyone, in whatever role we play.

In a similar vein

You read about the whole Pink Floyd taking on Pandora story recently – right? And the one where many cribbed about Indians being used to pirated stuff not paying for music?

is super-sane advice in that context!

In fact, most business owners need to keep the following in mind…

… and essentially, carry on with their work and life irrespective of the noise around:

Speaking of Pink Floyd – here’s a great one if you’re still wondering about the whole starting up vs security of a job question:

You need to give it up, because….

should answer the worry about opportunity cost. Looking at wealth and what you need and want to earn differently surely helps!

And here’s some good advice as you go down that path of bootstrapping and dreaming big:

Yep – a lot of code doesn’t work because the coder forgot to factor in use behaviour – the primary variable in all problem statements and solution appropriateness. So solve pain points with creativity…

Sales in a key part of your journey, but before you rush to hire “sales guys”, remember this one for sales people:

And finally, when it comes to exits:

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