Digital cats and charity? Yeah Man #CryptoKitties

Hey you watcher of non-stop cat videos on YouTube! Would you ever take part in a charitable auction for a, err computerised, cat?
You may not, but for umpteen other cat-fanatics this may not be a ridiculous idea. After all, there is something fuelling the insane love for collectibles cats (to buy, create and even breed). There should be some reason behind the rave attention CryptoKitties game has been drawing.

The same reason is behind the auction of cat Honu, to raise funds for charities related to oceans and wildlife. Yes, money raised by selling a digital cat to support some good cause.

Who knew blockchain and cryptocurrencies will enter the world of charity so soon, with all their inherent issues of volatility and legitimacy! Do note that CryptoKitties transactions were spotted to have slipped in June by 98.4 per cent vis a vis a peak of 80,500 transactions in December 2017 (data from Bloxy).
But then, who knew the world would never get tired of spending endless hours watching cats trip!

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