(Crystal) Advertising gets Creative…Damn Creative.

After the success of milliondollarpage, looks like everybody is trying to catch up on the pixel advertising!!

But this one is different – Its not pixel, but its crystal advertising!

That too — Swarovski crystals!!

“One million Swarovski crystals were needed in all to cover our breath-taking model with these sparkling little stones, thus creating an erotic overall-artwork.

With each purchased stone you uncover the artwork a little bit more and you help to overcome frontiers and make the earth sparkle! “

Here is how it works:

The cost of a crystal is 1 euro (excluding shipping cost). You can *take-off* the crystal from the model’s body and help *reveal* the erotic art work.

And why will you buy the crystal?

Advertising space !! i.e. If you have made 50 euro investment, you can buy the advertising space (not on the model’s body, stupid!) – the site will place your ad banner in the ‘Highscore’ page! [Only 997.793 crystals left, during the time of writing this blog!]

And you will get the international audience attention too! What else do you want?

I’d say this is a well conceived/creative idea and would initiate more of such ad-selling ideas..!!

What an Ad-Sense!

Model: Chintal

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