Cuil, the Google Killer is not so Hot (Anymore)- Losing all the initial interest?

The much-hyped ‘Google’ killer’ it seems is losing all the initial interest it generated with it’s ‘killer’ positioning as world’s largest search engine index.

While bloggers went around talking about the (ir)relevance of the search results, one thing came out clearly – the world needs another Google. The world needs another new ‘cuil’ search engine (with a diff. ‘evil’ tagline, maybe?).

Statcounter, the site analytics tool followed Cuil’s growth and here are some interesting stats of % searches performed using Cuil relative to the total number of searches performed (total sample for the period of over 365 million page views globally).

  • Jul 29: 0.10%(1 in 1,000),
  • Jul 30 : 0.11%
  • Jul 31: 0.08%
  • Aug 03: 0.04%
  • Aug 06 : 0.03%
  • Aug 08 : 0.02%
  • Aug 10: 0.01% [source]

The site was launched on July 28th, saw the peak on the 3rd day and is now in a not so ‘cuil’ position. Hope the future doesn’t follow this ‘almost linear‘ scale.

If you are a startup, one thing that you should learn from Cuil is the ‘Art of Product Positioning’ :

While there are other ‘Google killer’ out there, everybody’s attention turned to Cuil, because of their strong positioning as world’s largest search engine index.

Cuil almost sounded like the right alternative, the next Google – just that they didn’t live up (so far) to the expectations.

What’s your opinion?

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