Meet Mammoth, a perfect curation and note-taking service that allows collaboration

Every few days a new note taking application is born on the web. We already have tons of them but none seem to possess all the features that cover a space to jot down all the useful stuff we encounter on the web, at our workplace and otherwise. Mammoth is here to claim that spot.


Mammoth is a game changing way to curate things you find on the web. It offers several spaces dubbed as boards, where you can, in accordance with the kind of note you want to make – do research, bunch links, create reminders etc. Mammoth offers several predefined templates and there is an ‘interesting stuff’ category as well where you can post just about anything.

The second key feature we liked about Mammoth was the ability to collaborate. You can invite people and have them work simultaneously on the same note.

Drag and drop everything you find on the Web


Another key feature is its Chrome extension, which it calls “Mini Mammoth”. It is pretty much like Evernote Web Clipper, as it allows you to simply drag and drop any link, text, image, you name it to the box that appears at the right side of your browser.

In addition, it also remembers the things you’ve saved while on a particular website. This way, you can also set reminders, so that the next time you visit the same place, you can carry on with what you were supposed to do.

Registration and future plans


Available as a Chrome extension, and on Web, Mammoth is still in its private beta. By the end of the month, it is planning to release an iPhone app and do some revamp work on the Chrome extension. The company plans to launch clients for Android and iPad by the end of the June. It will also roll out versioning, encryption and other features by the end of this month.

You can visit the website to register your account. You will be provided 5GB of space for free. However, it could take as many as 10 days to get in. Fret not, first 250 users can use the NEXTBIGWHAT code for getting an early access.

In its upcoming update, Mammoth will bring doc preview functionality. This will allow users to render PDF, docx, PPT and other popular file types on the board itself.

Why Mammoth matters
Most of the things that Mammoth offers are available on Evernote, most are available on OneNote as well. However, none of the aforementioned services are as simple and easy to use as Mammoth. Simplicity in its user interface and yet making it more interactive and useful than other clients is perhaps Mammoth’s strongest suit. We really liked it and hope you will too.

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