Customer Focus : The Little Things That Matter

I have used numerous e-commerce sites for buying this and that, and as is wont, one starts getting emails and SMS alerts about various offers and discount coupons from them – some of which we end up actually making use of. So not very surprising that I received this SMS from FabFurnish a couple of days ago.

What caught my eye was this little bit:

Customer Focus

“Optout: Missed call to 08067006049”

Of course! This is a very appropriate use of the whole idea of missed calls. It’s a single click, zero cost to the consumer, and makes for a very easy experience in managing one’s subscriptions on the phone. In fact, we could manage all our incoming SMS using this instead of the rather cumbersome DND, life would be much easier for all concerned.

But that is not the point.

FabFurnish was already doing pretty decently in terms of customer service in the tiny world of my opinion. Now it moved up a notch even higher – they took the pain they (and other players, thanks to the gateways’ enforcement, as was pointed out by Abhishek in the comments) have needed to adopt this and make life simpler, easier for me. This lets me choose without creating roadblocks. Great customer focus is made up of these little details. And once you’ve won someone over, they’ll not only overlook minor glitches, but even help you fix them. Such little wins do a lot for customer acquisition and loyalty – in fact much more than offers and deals! This might have been thrust upon SMS marketers, but it’s still a win and a great lesson in how to reach out to consumers without being an irritant.

Needless to say, I did not call that number.

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