Strangely Enough, Nearly 50% of Indians Feel That Service Is More Important Than Price


Strangely Enough, Nearly 50% of Indians Feel That Service Is More Important Than Price

A recent survey points out that nearly 50% of Indians feel that service is more important than price. Why is it strange? We are used to thinking that India is an extremely price conscious market. That’s the nice way of saying we don’t mind cheap goods.

This survey, conducted across the Asia pacific region, says that only 26% of consumers in India believe price is more important than service. That should come as good news for most people who don’t wish to compete on price.

Verint Survey Countries

The survey commissioned by Verint Systems, an IT company, also highlighted that 43% of consumers are willing to share comments about their online experience on social media, blog and websites.

While we don’t know how the survey was conducted, do keep in mind that people often tend to lie themselves into surveys (learn how to read survey reports).

Some other highlights from the report

  • The percentage of consumers, in India,  who have experienced a service problem within the past 6 months ranges from 90% in the utilities industry to 95% in the financial and telecommunication industries.

Verint Service Survey

  • Indian consumers also rank the highest in the survey in using emotions to get what they want (36%), getting angry when companies make mistakes (68%), and calling support helplines for better service (58%).

  • 26% of Indian respondents feel that price is more important than service, while 49% of them felt that service is more important.

  • 57% of Indian consumers will share their experiences on social media, blogs and leave comments on company websites.

  • Of the above mentioned 57% using social networking sites, 26% use micro-blog sites like Twitter and 35% will share experiences on blogs.

  • More Indian consumers expressed their desire to share positive rather than negative experiences at a rate of 43% for positive experiences compared to 41% for negative experiences.

  • According to the survey, the two main drivers of poor consumer service experience where, taking too long to resolve problems (21%) and un-knowledgeable staff that can’t help (20%).

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