OnePlus Will No Longer Be The Go-To Brand For Fans Of Cyanogen OS

Fledgling forked Android OS maker Cyanogen has announced that it is parting ways with OnePlus as it looks for larger manufacturer partners to bring its OS to the market.
cyanogen 1
The news shouldn’t come as a shock, as Cyanogen and OnePlus’ relationship has been under considerable strain, especially after the software maker inked an exclusivity pact with India’s Micromax.
According to Cyanogen founder Steve Kondik, both companies ultimately had different goals for the software, causing collisions between them.
Kirt McMaster’s take on the partnership was more brutal, as he believed that OnePlus effectively piggybacked on CyanogenOS in order to ship handsets.
While OnePlus has so far been Cyanogen’s largest hardware partner, the company is now looking for new vendors that can effectively scale up production much quicker, one of the biggest flaws of OnePlus.
The software maker hasn’t announced who will replace OnePlus, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see a tie up with Chinese manufacturers, but there will be a lot of focus on global growth.
As for OnePlus, the company has already shipped the first version of its Oxygen OS, which unlike Cyanogen’s approach is much closer to Google’s stock Android.

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