Playphone’s Game Store To Come Preinstalled On CyanogenOS

Smartphones running Cyanogen OS will now come preinstalled with the Playphone Game Store, a third-party store for Android Games, as part of a distribution partnership between the two firms.

Playphone Game Store

Cyanogen will help Playphone build a presence in emerging markets while the deal fulfills the OS maker’s desire to move away from using Google services, which in this case is the Play Store.

Over 50 million people across 190 countries are already using devices powered by Cyanogen OS, which will open up a new distribution channel for Playphone and in turn boost revenues of devs.

Playphone boasts of a social gaming experience, and all developers have to do to have their games of its store is upload their existing APK to the company’s developer portal.

The company’s technology automatically integrates games into its platform, giving developers instant access to its distribution channel, local payment solutions, and social features.

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