Cyber Attack on Indian Websites Intensifies: Report

Over the past year, Indian websites are increasingly becoming victims of cyber attacks. According to confidential CERT-In (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) reports, 4191 Indian websites were defaced or hacked in August, 2380 in July, 2858 in June and 1,808 in May. (source)

A majority of these attacks happened on .in domains, whose servers are located in India, 80% in June and over 60% thereafter. domain appears the most vulnerable to attacks, the report said.

Some of the main hackers and defacers namely are SA3D HaCk3D, h4x0r HuSsY, SanFour2S, BD GREY HAT HACKERS, Suwario, Spy-Dy, hasnain haxor and CouCouM.

Both public and private sector websites have been victims to these attacks but in view of national security, attacks on public sector companies are more dangerous as they involve major national infrastructures.

Major Cyber Attacks on India Recently

Anonymous Hacks Kapil Sibal's Website
Anonymous Hacks Kapil Sibal’s Website

Earlier in April this year, hacker group ReZk2LL team defaced Kerala’s Kochi metro rail limited website and posted messages against Israel, calling the country a Nazi state par excellence.

Some of the main activities these hacker groups involved in include stealing passwords,, injecting attacks codes, eavesdropping, web shell uploading, and other methods that capture information or give control access to the website.

IN August this year, a hacker who goes by the name PhrozenMyst stole sensitive information from India’s defense establishments and posted it on Kim Dotcom’s new file sharing website Mega. The information stolen include data related to India’s space agency and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and the website of Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL).

Cyber Security Policy of India

In July this year India’s first National Cyber Security Policy was released, with an aim to defend national assets against cyber attacks and seek to provide for protection of citizen’s information. The policy will also strengthen the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) to periodically audit, defend and spread awareness on cyber security besides encouraging open standards.

The following month, the Ministry of Communications proposed a multi stakeholder Cyber Coordination Centre, that will detect malicious cyber activities in the Indian Cyber space and issue early warning alerts.

With more and more information going digital in the country and globally, we have seen an increase in cyber attacks in order to access this data, recently. It is high time the government realise the seriousness of digital attacks and strengthen its shield to defend against hackers.

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