Understanding Cyber Cafe Audience in India

Cyber cafe drives majority of Internet consumption in India ~50% (read: India Internet Report 2007) and brands do need to go out and understand the audience profile in order to serve right ads.

AC Neilsen recently did a survey (sample across 8 cities and 3,500 cafés) on cyber cafe audience (commissioned by Ideacts which has raised $5mn from Sequoia), and here are some interesting insights:

  • 90% of the audience, across eight cities and 3,500 cafés, is male and in the age bracket of 15 to 35 years;
  • 52% are graduates and post-graduates, though over 50 % are students.
  • 50% of the audience is SEC A  with considerable decision-making powers. More than 70 % of the visitors decide which electronic appliance to buy and nearly 60 % which household durables.
  • While 61% of them own a personal computer, a sizeable 39 % also listen to their music on iPods.
  • While 80% own a two-wheeler, nearly 47% have a debit card and 68 % have a savings bank account – source

While this report doesn’t have any pathbreaking findings, it does throws some perspective on spending power/habits of cyber cafe audience especially for advertisers who want to target the young audience.

Cybercafes do provide the ability to serve geo-targeted ads and that’s why they are an attractive prospect to brand advertisers, FMCG, gadgets, Health/Financial related advertisers etc.

Do you see cyber cafes playing a major role in driving the online advertising industry?

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