Cyber Safety Guidelines to Rescue Public and Private Sector’s Online Data Soon

Seeing the surge in security breaches in the cyber space, the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards will be releasing a comprehensive set of guidelines by the end of this year for public and private sector companies to help them secure their online data.

Banks, government enterprises and private firms that hold sensitive data on the internet will be benefited from these guidelines. However, these advisories won’t be forced upon to any firm. The National Cyber Safety organization is a government body which mostly has an advisory role.

Cyber Security

“We are putting together an exhaustive list, because there is a diverse set of private enterprises in the country. We are not mandating any rules. They are just guidelines,” S Mohan, Chairman, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards. (via)

Over the past few months, there have been numerous of security attacks in India, and the number is only increasing. The security organization released a handbook in which it cites an incidence from 2010 attack on Indian Defence Ministry in which revelatory information were stolen. It also emphasizes on use of social networking websites as a medium in such attacks.

“The India-focussed spy ring used social networking service providers such as Twitter, Google and others to take over control of computers in India.”

The organization is now looking to include Internet Service Providers in their operations to have better control over – which includes take down, the websites that leak confidential and sensitive information.  The National Cyber Safety and Security Standards is also working on improving collaboration between State and the Centre for exchanging information on attacks and sharing security measures to minimize such attacks.

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