Cyclercity Introduces Bike Messengers To Bangalore; Aims for Scale & Accuracy of the Dabbawala

Bike messengers on a mission to deliver packages in a jiffy, have hit the streets of Bangalore, thanks to the entrepreneur duo Niranth Bymana and Rajiv Singh who founded Cyclercity.

CyclerCityBike messengers on 21 gear green coloured bikes wearing biker gear and sunglasses, on a mission to deliver packages in a jiffy, have hit the streets of Bangalore, thanks to the entrepreneur duo Niranth Bymana and Rajiv Singh who founded Cyclercity.

Cycle couriers a.k.a Bike Messengers are something we see a lot in American sitcoms and Hollywood movies. Racing through city streets and footpaths to ensure that the package reaches the destination within minutes after dispatch. The duo claim that it is the first bike messenger service in India, that is of course if you discount the daakia.

The service, currently bootstrapped, will deliver packages for you using their bike messengers saving you the commute time and traffic within the city. Be it a bouquet of flowers, forgotten cell phones, chocolates, car keys, forgotten files or any other item that is legal to be transported, the messengers will deliver it in person.

Rajiv With a Cyclercity messenger
Rajiv With a Cyclercity messenger

All you need to do is call the service helpline or fill in the online order form, and one of the 12 bike messengers on the service,nearest to you will be directed to your pickup location. Once picked up, the package will be immediately on its way for delivery, no more waiting for collection center and dispatch, the package will go straight into the ‘In-Transit’ mode and then ‘Delivered’. The service will also intimate you as soon as the package is delivered.

The service is currently available within a 10KM radius from the MG road CBD area, which is their Phase 1 service area and will expand in the coming phases. The Phase 1 will cover nearly upto Sanjay Nagar on the North side, HAL airport on the East side, JP Nagar on the South side and Vijaynagar on the West side of the city approximately. After pick-up of the package the service takes a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 4 hours to deliver, depending on the distance and weight.

The startup also offers a B2B bike messenger service for corporate organisation, retail units and freelancers on a customised tariff basis. The service is already catering to a couple of home entrepreneurs who deals in baked food items from their residences around the city.

As far as the bike messengers go, they have been trained and hired on full time positions from NGOs in the city, and being in the city for some time now has given them a good idea about its roads and streets. Although, in the future the company also plans to incorporate GPS devices for the messengers.

Niranth & Rajiv (In Jeans), with Cyclercity messengers
Niranth & Rajiv (In Jeans), with Cyclercity messengers

The pricing plan for the service starts from Rs 70 for a package that weighs upto 100 gms to be delivered within a distance of 5Km from the pickup point. You can check out the entire pricing plan here.

The tariff shows an upper limit of 2 Kg, but the service has also delivered heavier packages. Niranth, Co-founder of Cyclercity says “The only restriction currently we have on the package is that the volume and weight should be manageable safely on the bike. Even if a package is light but the volume is too big to be carried on the bike, we might not be able to deliver it.”

The service, which launched earlier this month, makes an average of around 5-6 deliveries a day and the company expects this number to rise as the service gains popularity.

In the next phase of expansion, the company plans to add more cycle and to adopt a relay system for package delivery through pickup and drop off points across the city.

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