Guide to Finding Cyclone Phailin Information Online : Google Person Finder, Twitter List..And More

Cyclone Phailin building up in the Bay of Bengal is expected to severely damage lives and property in the Eastern India. There are constant updates on the television and the radio. If you are looking for Cyclone Phailin information or help in the region, here are a few online tools that will come in handy.

1. Google person Finder (Phailin 2013)

Google has launched a person finder for people affected by the cyclone. With the person finder, one can look for missing people or report on missing people. Its a very handy tool which was used during the Uttarakhand floods as well.

2. Google Crisis Map for PhailinGoogle Crisis Map for Phailin

Google has also set up a crisis map for the region to provide quick information on the ground situation. The crisis map provides a pictorial representation of the region as well as satellite imagery and the direction of the cyclone. It also has latest updates, emergency numbers and details of helplines.

3. Twitter, Live blogs & Information pages on Phailin

Twitter has created a public list to curate information on the cyclone. The feed has constant updates from a few people. There are also a few live blogs out there that are giving us minute by minute update of the situation.  You can also setup a Twitter search for Phailin for updates. Prem Panicker of Yahoo India has been storifying the developments here.

Flightstats4. Indian Meteorological Department on Phailin

The IMD has been posting a bulletin every few hours. So far, this is the most accurate source of technical information on the cyclone.

5. Flight Status in Bhubaneswar

To check flight status for airports like Raipur (Chattisgarh), Bhubaneswar (Orissa) and Calcutta, you can use the website called Flightstat. You need to select the airport to get details on this. When we checked, the site reported significant cancellations and delays at the Bhubaneswar airport.

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