Daily: Google Glass Explorer Invites Are Coming & 12 Top Stories


Daily: Google Glass Explorer Invites Are Coming & 12 Top Stories

Daily: your everyday technology newsbrief is here. In today’s edition: Google Glass Explorer Invites Are Coming Soon & 12 Top Stories.


Sergey Brin's Google Glass
Sergey Brin’s Google Glass

Google to send out Glass Explorer invites over the next few days, is working on ‘connecting with businesses’: Google on Tuesday announced it will be sending out invitations for its Google Glass Explorer Program and will be doing so “over the next few days.” If you’ve been participating in the company’s #ifihadglass campaign, you may be one of the lucky individuals to get a message from Google via either Google+ or Twitter. More here.

Google bundles acquired Nik Software plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture, drops entire set price to $149: When Google acquired Snapseed developer Nik Software back in September 2012, they made it clear that the mobile photo sharing app wouldn’t be going anywhere. In fact, Google later released a brand new, free Android version of Snapseed and made the existing iOS download completely free. More here.

Windows 8 goes IMAP, ending Google Calendar syncing as Google drops Exchange Active Sync support: Last evening, The Verge reported an issue by which Google Calendar in the latest build of the updated Windows 8 communications applications failed to function. TNW has learned that Microsoft has moved those applications to IMAP support, ending functional support for Google’s Calendar service. More here.


Flipboard 2.0 refreshes app’s look, now lets everyone run their own magazine: Flipboard announced today that it has 50 million users, and also released a new version of its app that lets everyone become an editor-in-chief. Flipboard 2.0 is “the most epic release we’ve ever done,” CEO Mike McCue told The Verge, and most of its new features focus on curation: users can now “flip stories,” in the app or in a browser via a bookmarklet, into their own magazines. Other users can subscribe to those magazines, and whenever the magazine’s owner adds something new it updates subscribers’ versions as well – it’s very much like a Spotify playlist in that sense. More here.flipboard

First targeted attack to use Android malware discovered: Malware used to spy on Tibetan activists and other ethnic groups in China is nothing new. But a new Trojan discovered by researchers at Kaspersky Labs has widened the scope of this digital espionage and intimidation. The malware uses a combination of e-mail hacking, “spear phishing,” and a Trojan built specifically for Android smartphones. Kaspersky claims this is the first discovery of a targeted attack that uses mobile phone malware. More here.


A Leaner, Stronger, More Modest Y Combinator: “This is way better.” That was the prevailing sentiment at today’s Y Combinator Demo Day where 47 fresh startups strutted their stuff for investors. Compared to the 65 demos a year ago and tedious 75 in August, investors told me this tighter Demo Day was more manageable, the quality of the startups was higher, and it felt like the old YC that earned the reputation as tech’s premier incubator. More here.

Microsoft announces Build 2013, an event this June in San Francisco that will likely feature Windows Blue: Today Microsoft announced Build 2013, another installation of its now venerable conference series that it has used to announce, and launch Windows 8 in the past. The company states that the event, to be held in San Francisco, will cover “what’s next” for Windows 8, Windows Server, the Azure cloud computing service, and other products that have received recent updates. This is the first time that Microsoft has publicly acknowledged coming improvements to Windows 8. More here.


north koreaNorth Korea Cuts Off 3G Access For Foreign Visitors Just Weeks After Allowing It: Just weeks after first allowing foreign visitors to access 3G networks, North Korea has reportedly cut off mobile Internet service for short-term tourists, reports North Korea Tech (h/t Tech In Asia), which spotted a notice on Koryo Tours’ Web site. The Beijing-based company, which specializes in arranging tours to North Korea, said:“3G access is no longer available for tourists to the DPRK. Sim cards can still be purchased to make international calls but no internet access is available.” More here.

Sweden drops the word ‘ungoogleable’ following pressure from Google: The Language Council of Sweden has dropped the term “ungoogleable” from its list of new words, following pressure from Google to adapt its definition to something more flattering for the company. According to Sveriges Radio, Google wanted the meaning of the term ogooglebar — which describes something “that you can’t find on the web with the use of a search engine” — to be altered so that it would only describe searches performed using Google’s own search, something that the Language Council was not willing to do. More here.

EU intent on delivering 30Mbps broadband to everyone by 2020: Under the European Union’s Digital Agenda for Europe, all member states are to offer a minimum level of 30Mbps broadband to everybody by 2020. (Some countries, like Denmark and Finland, are already nearly there.) But last month, over $9 billion designated to accelerate this broadband deployment was slashed from the EU budget as part of massive budget cuts. The cuts have raised doubt about whether the soon-to-be-28-member-nation group will make the 30Mbps goal. But Neelie Kroes, the EU’s Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, is still intent on getting to that ambitious target. More here.


facebook_logoAs Facebook hits 250m monthly gamers it starts rolling out a new Games feed on profiles: Facebook has released a whole slew of new figures at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today, showing significant growth in the number of people playing social games and completing microtranscations. The company also revealed that it will be launching a new Timeline section later this week, focused solely on video games. “The game section will give people a way to express their favourite games on their timeline and About page, and will serve as another re-engagement and discovery channel for game developers,” a Facebook spokesperson said. More here.

Tumblr crosses 100 million blogs, with 44.6 billion posts inside: Tumblr has today quietly ticked over the 100 million blog mark, with those blogs containing some 44.6 billion posts. We noticed that the ticker on the popular blogging platform’s about page had ticked over and Tumblr confirmed with us that this milestone was reached today. More here.

Facebook Expands FBX Retargeted Ads, Based On Your Online Browsing, From Sidebar To News Feed: Last year Facebook tested out and then launched Facebook Exchange ads in its right-hand column, a way for advertisers to market themselves to users based on those users’ online browsing habits, using a cookie-based real-time bidding platform. Those ads have proven to be some of Facebook’s strongest performing ad units, so now it’s taking them a step further, with an alpha test to extend FBX ads into the desktop News Feed, the place where users spend most of their time on the social network. More here.

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