DailyAI: Deepfake of Joe Rogan; AI as significant as nuclear weapons

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BuzzFeed introduces Infinity Quizzes, powered by OpenAI

  • This new AI-powered quiz format builds on BuzzFeed’s existing popular content.
  • The media site and AI startup will partner to create personalized stories with the help of AI.

OpenAI hires Google employees for ‘instrumental’ work on ChatGPT

  • OpenAI, the start-up behind ChatGPT, has hired more than a dozen former Google employees in recent months.
  • The employees will be doing ‘instrumental’ work on ChatGPT before its launch.

AI-Powered Bing Makes Mistakes During Demo

  • AI-powered Bing made several errors during a demo.
  • The mistakes made by Bing were worse than Google’s Bard mistake, according to US-based AI researcher Dmitri Brereton.

Someone Uses Deepfake of Joe Rogan to Market Male Enhancement Product

  • Someone has used a deepfake of Joe Rogan to advertise a male enhancement product on TikTok.
  • The deepfake was uncovered by TikTok ad strategist Jimmy Farley.
  • The deepfake was used to promote a libido-boosting maca powder.

Eric Schmidt, Ex-Google CEO states AI’s impact on warfare will be as significant as nuclear weapons

  • Eric Schmidt supports Istari, an AI startup that uses machine learning to digitally build and test military weapons.
  • Schmidt believes the impact of AI on warfare will be as big as nuclear weapons.

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AI meme of the day

#BigIdeas on AI

What is generative AI?

Generative AI systems fall under the broad category of machine learning, and here’s how one such system-ChatGPT-describes what it can do: Ready to take your creativity to the next level? Look no further than generative AI!

This nifty form of AI allows computers to generate all sorts of new and exciting content, from music and art to entire virtual worlds.

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