Dailyhunt launches Progressive Web App: Dailyhunt Lite

Dailyhunt, has launched Dailyhunt Lite – a Progressive Web App (PWA), to enable an optimized, fast loading, native app-like experience on mobile web.
This PWA can be pinned to the Android home screen and can therefore be launched much like a native app. It provides an immersive, app-like experience – right on the phone’s browser, while maintaining a small memory footprint. It also offers a rich offline experience, allowing for continued engagement even on patchy networks.
The app has been optimized for fast load times even on a 3G network and is able to load a page in less than 2 seconds.
It also offers infinite scroll and allows users to swipe through content – in a native app-like experience. Despite its rich content, the app has been optimized to run efficiently on handsets with low memory specifications, via the use of – service workers, virtualized views and efficient cache management techniques.

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