Mobile App Dailyrounds Could Become the Academia+ Instagram for Doctors

Journals publish very little. And charge a huge premium to the reader. Instagram has selfies. And is of little use to busy doctors. Dailyrounds, a startup has found a middle path to create a useful social network for doctors.Dailyrounds

Dailyrounds is an app, on which doctors can publish and read clinical cases. It helps them learn from each other quickly.

On an average, medical schools generate 300 clinical cases a year. These are of no use once the students graduate. Dailyrounds lets you publish these cases so that other doctors and students can learn from it.

These cases go through a 3 step peer review before it is pushed out to other doctors using the app. So far, the app has 6200 doctors using it. Over 200 doctors are joining every day.

Dailyrounds demoed at UnPluggd. Here’s their pitch.

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