Dalai Lama & Social Media for Tibetans!

It is totally beyond doubt that social media can help resolve our long pending social issues. But we are yet to see how that’s gonna happen to Asia. Here is a another frontier for the local Tibetans to rejoice & reveal their solidarity:

Tibetans can simply follow their Holy leader Dalai Lama online on Twitter.

It is a significant milestone for technology to reach out to people. There has been a fake @DalaiLama account for quite sometime but this Dalai Lama is verified by Twitter, and is a real one. About half-an-hour ago, the holy one tweeted pics of his recent visit to Los Angeles, United States. He already has about 33000+ followers, as of now.

Twitter is simply one of the best ways for well-known personalities to spread their message to thousands or millions of people. And it is gonna get interesting on how the Chinese Premiers on Twitter (Hu Jintao) will respond to situations around this.  Here is the conversation between Ev and Dalai Lama who convinced his holiness about Twitter, about joining the bandwagon.

Lovely social media, as long as it remains “social”.

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