What exactly are DAOs?

1/ My three learnings from my involvement with DAOs to date: 1. DAO is an ethos (focus of this thread) 2. The transparency is wild 3. You gotta hustle
2/ The acronym DAO conveys two things: DAOs are decentralized, and DAOs are autonomous But most DAOs today are not totally decentralized, nor are they totally autonomous. This, in my opinion, is fine – but let’s call it like it is: DAO is an ethos, not a specific construct
3/ Most importantly, to me, DAOs reflect a certain ethos. A vibe, if you will. There is a shared culture, a shared set of cultural norms amongst DAOs, that holds true regardless of where exactly a specific DAO sits on the decentralization/autonomy spectrums
4/ For this reason, after being in a few DAO Discords, jumping into a new one tends to feel familiar
5/ The ethos is, by and large, one of individuals collectivizing to create something bigger, together, absent of a highly prescribed structure. Of openness & collaboration. Of work that, well, *works* for people.
7/ If I’m right, and if DAOs are any indication, the future of work will change in many ways A few examples 👇
9/ On operating a company: employees will have a much greater voice in company decision-making; identity-based voting mechanisms will play a formal role in governance
11/ All of this is what it’s worth focusing on when it comes to the promise of DAOs. This ethos is still in its infancy, and the execution is happening on such a small relative scale today.
12/ It’s the early glimmers of what I’m seeing inside these collectives today that get me super jazzed about the future of people’s lives as it pertains crypto, as a whole✨