See What Your Peers & Friends Have To Say About A Movie, At Dapple

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See What Your Peers & Friends Have To Say About A Movie, At Dapple

DapplelogoMost of us discover good movies mostly through recommendations or discussion with friends. The other source being online blogs, websites or sources like IMDb, even though can come in handy, lacks a personal social experience for a user.

Facebook is another alternative to discuss movies within your social circle, but these conversations get lost easily as there is not many ways to aggregate these conversations for later reference. And a lot many times movie pages on Facebook are used by brands for promotions and end up having paid promotional content.

Dapple, a social movie review database, is trying to help you discover movies via your friends and personal taste. On Dapple users can find critic reviews along with reviews or ratings by their friends.

Once logged in using your social id, you can browse the site to find the movies trending among their friends. The service does also imports your friends’ favorite movies from Facebook, so even a user with no friends on the site will see personal movie choices on signing up.

The portal also allows you to discover and connect with other movie buffs.

The built in recommendation engine, suggests movies to a user based on their personal choices. The more movies a user rates, the better their recommendations become.

The activities and actions are preserved in such a way that a user can instantly find his friends ratings for a movie. They can also be shared on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Users can also create conversations on the site with their friends and other movie buffs around these activities.

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The service was launched for the public in October this year and currently has over 1700 users, with around 1200 monthly active users.

The portal has curated lists of the top movies from various genres including some really unusual ones like ‘Haunted House Movie’, ‘Workplace Comedy’, ‘Spy Film’.

The website is currently licensing movie content from a UK based digital data provider called Rovi, which has more than 250,000 titles from across the world.

Flixstreet and Letterboxd are some of the many other portals that offers a similar service.

The service currently currently generates revenue through lead generation, with sites like Amazon, Flipkart, BookmyShow and Fandango.

In the future they also plan to explore the possibility of creating a Netflix like video-on-demand platform for India. Currently Bigflix, BoxTV and Spuul do offer a similar video-on-demand service.

Dapple will soon be rolling out a ‘Recommend to Friends’ feature which has been requested for by a lot of their users. Users will soon be able to create their own custom movie lists and share it with their friends. An Android app for the service will be seen in a month’s time and an app for iOS shortly after that.

 The Review Monk, whom we profiled recently, provides movie goers with an aggregated movie score based on reviews curated from noted film critics and publications in India.

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