Newsreel [Oct 9th]: Govt aims darkness free India by 2017 (Electricity for all)

Here goes the daily Newsreel, our daily news roundup.

– Discovery’s science channel series Build It Bigger hosted by Danny Forster featured a documentary based on architectural uniqueness of under-construction Mumbai’s new airport. The new airport will have largest roof in the world supported by 135 feet high – 30 mega columns (pillars) and cost around $ 2 billion,
Video : Build it Bigger.

– Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh has announced that government aims to provide 24×7 electricity to all households in the country and affordable access to electricity in the next 5 years, read complete post here. Looking at present conditions of electricity supply in tier 1 cities, aiming seamless power to all households look pretty ambitious (or just preparing for elections?)! [And that closes the loop on 1Gbps connectivity?

– A BTIG analyst says Facebook’s recent efforts aimed at making more money are too aggressive, which could annoy users and make them less likely to log on, read complete post here. Facebook revenue push could backfire.

– Motorola pulls the plug on all Android devices, sparing only RAZRi and RAZR HD from German website owing to patent rows, read complete post here. Motorola pulls out all but 2 new models from germany!

– Native Facebook app for Android  is in the ultimate phase of internal testing, read complete post here. Facebook’s native app is not too far away.

– Facebook is gearing up for another shot at a “Sponsored Stories” settlement, agreeing to pay $ 10 to all authorized claimants and provide a simpler way to review all Sponsored Stories interactions, read complete post here. Facebook’s recent moneymaking attempt are often losing it.

– Facebook announced that it has joined forces with seven retailers including Pottery Barn, Victoria’s Secret, and Neiman Marcus among others to test the platform which allows users to “want”, “collect,” or “like” a product. If you “like” something, then the item will show up in your Timeline,read complete post here. After sweetspot, its want button sets to lure retailers and of course YOU (consumers)!

–  Reflecting the increasing interest in the political thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad is clocking record revenues selling books, souvenirs, Gandhi statues, pens etc, read complete post here.

– Google Wallet’s next big feature: Person to person money transfer including Paypal’s alike money storage, read complete post here. Google Wallet to push P2P transfer.

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