Partnership Roundup: Dashavatar-Pringoo, Dashavataram-Mauj Mobile


Partnership Roundup: Dashavatar-Pringoo, Dashavataram-Mauj Mobile

Dashavatar, touted as the ‘grandest animation film’ ever made on the Indian screen has partnered with Pringoo (read our review) and one can now choose from over 100 Dashavatar designs to personalize and get them printed on the merchandise of their choice.

The name rival (even we got confused! :D), Dasavatharam has partnered with Mauj mobile for content downloads – ranging from ringtones, themes and animation based on the film’s visuals.

Mauj has also generated voice portals in Kamal Hassan’s voice that double up as curtain raisers for the film.[via].


Content partnership is on the rise and movie producers are looking at new media to distribute the buzz.

As far as downloading mobile content (for Bollywood) is concerned, Rajasthan is the most active state followed by TN and Punjab [source].

Any specific reason why Rajasthan figures so high in Bollywood content download?

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