PromptCloud Provides DaaS to Help You Crawl and Extract Big Data

Cloud Computing is generally divided into three categories: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. There is also this less-talked-about cousin of SaaS, called Data-as-a-Service (DaaS). Like all members of the -aaS (“as a Service”) family, DaaS is based on the concept that the product, data in this case, can be provided on demand to the user regardless of geographic or organizational distance between the consumer and provider.

PromptCloud is one such Bangalore-based firm that provides large-scale data crawling and extraction, using cutting edge technologies and cloud computing solutions. It has a cloud based data acquisition platform which can aggregate data from the web and present it into desired format. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence programs to analyze BigData, which is too dispersed, unstructured, and awkward for conventional software tools to capture, manage, and process within a tolerable and finite time. Big Data requires a different set of skills, that every organization may not boast of. Also, since data is scattered across the web, streamlining desired data and extracting information from the same can be a tough job.

PromptCloud comes to the rescue in this case. They employ machine learning techniques to extract content from forums, social media, blogs, review sites and more. They have the capability to crawl verticals such as electronic goods, books, movies, hotels etc, and specialize both in deep crawl(extracting information from deepest pages of desired websites) and incremental crawl(newly updated data on desired sites on a regular basis), using technologies like Nutch, Hadoop, Lucene, Cassandra/Hbase, Machine Learning Techniques, and Distributed Computing.

PromptCloud was founded in 2009 by IIT and CMU alumni, having work experience in conglomerates like Google, Yahoo, and Adobe. They have been providing data services to a variety of clients from a range of domains including travel, finance, healthcare, marketing, analytics, and more. “It’s the ‘Big Data’ era, and with the heavy amount of data flowing on the cloud, there are heavier opportunities knocking at each of our doors. We just help our clients grab such opportunities by extracting the right data while they focus on their core competencies.“, says Prashant Kumar, founder PromptCloud.


As with any cloud computing solution, this has its own sets of pros and cons: you can reduce development and maintenance costs, focus on your core competencies, have a flexible pricing depending on the size and frequency of data, reliance on a third-party(PromptCloud) for your data.

PromptCloud can come in handy for pretty much anyone who deals with big data, including companies doing market research, aggregated review sites, travel domain sites, consumer-based firms, etc. With Cloud Adoption in India picking up rapidly and the total cloud spend in the private cloud market set to reach peak levels, such private cloud products have a bright future. Since PromptCloud crawls over specific pockets of data, their customized solutions are an advantage over mass data crawls, and provides faster and deeper results.

Do you want to process Big Data but weren’t able to find someone with the desired skills? Next time, give PromptCloud a try and let us know.

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