My Data Consumption Across Mobile OS And Devices.


My Data Consumption Across Mobile OS And Devices.

In the last 2 years, I have heavily used different devices and different operating systems. To name them : Nokia Lumia 920 [Windows Phone], Xiaomi Redmi 1S and Gionee S5.5 [Android] and iPhone 5S [iOS].
And it is quite interesting to see how data consumption has changes as a function of device/operating systems.
The idea behind sharing this piece is to urge more people to share such observations/data points which I believe will surely lead to more debate/discussions.
To quickly share, I am a decently heavy user of apps and on an average, I play with at least 3 new apps per week (I download a lot of random apps from the app stores).
Here is my average data consumption (monthly data) over the different devices (grouped by operating systems)*.
Data Consumption Across OS
Data Consumption Across OS
Few notes:
1. On iOS, I consume a lot of apps. The experience/integration and everything around Apple’s app discovery matters a lot. I prefer to read a LOT on my iOS devices.
2. Android : The entire NextBigWhat team runs on Google apps and that’s where being on Android has a huge advantage (translates to more data usage).
3. Microsoft ? There are literally no apps to play with!
Lumias are a great device and I really like the overall user experience of Windows phone (I prefer it over Android), but doesn’t really hold any developer love.
For instance, Uber hasn’t yet updated its WP app with Paytm integration – which speaks of love, WP has in the developer community. Similarly, none of the Google apps services work on WP devices.
What about you? What has been your average data consumption on a monthly basis? Has it changed with operating systems/devices?  Do share.
*: If you are going to ask me whether we are talking 2G , 3G or 4G data, let me tell you my friend that on Airtel network in India : everything runs at the same speed. It’s damn slow and edgy.

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