Of magnolia and why you should have a data recovery plan in place

Bookmarking service, Ma.gnolia was one of the upcoming competition for Del.icio.us and even pluGGd.in used to receive a decent and consistent traffic from the service.

Sad that the service didn’t care too much about the data recovery plans and once it crashed (Jan 2009), all attempts to bring it back has failed (almost!).

The team is now rebuilding mag.nolia as a by-invitation community bookmarking service and is expected to launch by Summer of 2009 (with due respect to the team, bookmarking is an old concept now and my hunch says it’s just not worth the time, since you have anyways lost user trust).

While there are recovery tools suggestions, users have lost trust in the service and maybe, even on founder’s ability to manage their data.

There is a lesson here for startups (and that’s why this post) – define your data recovery strategy. You never know what catastrophe can hit you, and if you can’t recover user data, you are pretty much dead.

Few quotes from users:

Larry (founder of the service) has a moral obligation to Magnolia users to provide a complete and detailed explanation without obfuscation, deflection or evasion.

You have nerve to even talk about the return of Magnolia and M2, whatever that is/was. Forget it. This "business", if it ever was viable, is now dead all but in name. I wouldn’t entrust anything to you any more because of the way you’ve bungled this. You’ve been quite evasive in answering direct questions posed to you about what happened. If you owe at least one thing to Magnolia users, it’s an honest explanation.
At the moment, it looks like I’ve lost thousands of bookmarks that I’ve added over the last couple of years and I did not have them anywhere else because I was foolish enough to assume that Magnolia was being run by competent people! To say that I’m pissed off is an understatement. The irony is that I had evaluated and rejected Delicious and SimpPy for reasons that I don’t even recall any more. I’ve lost something of tremendous value and by the looks of it, I will not be able to recover anything since none of the "solutions" that you have posted so far work for me. I’m working on the assumption that any competent system administrator would have been able to get a server running by now and restored from a backup, even if *some* data was lost.

This is disastrous for me as all of my bookmarks were "private" and as such cannot be restored using any of the above-mentioned recovery methods.
I used ma.gnolia to bookmark ALL of my business-related sites and am just horrified that all is lost.
I counted on ma.gnolia to have at least one, if not multiple, backups of all of the data and cannot understand how the site cannot be restored. I can’t believe I trusted all of my important information to a site that did not have the means to restore everyone’s bookmarks in a situation such as this.

You do not want your users to go through such trouble. Right?

So, what’s your Data Recovery plan?

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