DateIITIans No More; Founders ‘Rebrand’ it to Cogxio, Will it Help?

DateIITIans No More; Founders ‘Rebrand’ it to Cogxio, Will it Help?

Dating website for IITians, DateIITians has announced its rebranding to “COGXIO”. The old website has been down for long and now redirects to COGXIO.

“DateIITians was down for a long period, because of technical and scalability issues. Being in the final year of graduation, we could not handle the number of requests on the portal. We were not able to deliver quick features as required by the consumers during this fast moving technology age,” said the DateIITians team to NextBigWhat.


DateIITians was launched in 2011 to help IITians in social networking and dating. The website was started by Layak Singh, Kinshuk Bairagi and Nikhil Kaushik. COG+XIO=COGXIO = Connecting people of similar interests, says the team.

In its initial version, dateIITians allowed its users to network, use features like flirting with other users, developing a crush and proposals.

As of October 2012, the website claimed to have 7,000 members using its services. The team has invested $45k – $50k in product development so far.

The team said that the rebranding was done with a view to reach out to a global audience.  The site will migrate its user base from DateIITians to COGXIO and will complete the launch of the site by March 2014.

Apart from the rebranding, the founding team has also seen changes. Layak Singh and Kinshuk Bairagi are the two founders running COGXIO.

DateIITians was a clever positioning (and got a lot of media attention), but will the rebrand really help them go global?

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