THE Collection: Startups and Apps for the Single and Ready to Mingle [2014 edition]

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THE Collection: Startups and Apps for the Single and Ready to Mingle [2014 edition]

On Valentines day last year, we’d published a list of apps and startups that help you find a real date. If were looking, chances are that you’ve already found one. If you are still looking, here’s a new and updated version of the list. Good luck finding one! We hope you don’t have to come back and check this list next year.


This site first started in 2008 in New York as It calls itself India’s number 1 place to meet new people and says that it has more than 4 million registered users. StepoutThe company claims that over 40% of users are women. Google India’s chief Rajan Anandan and a few others have together invested $3 million in the company which was first founded in the US and then moved to India. Besides features like Free chat, the site offers some premium features and virtual goods.


This Bangalore based site is taking a totally different route to dating. Fact is, its not even a traditional dating site. flohFloh is a platform to bring single people together at awesome events with the objective of meeting like minded people and is an invite only network. We’d written about Floh sometime back when it was about 1 year old and had several hundreds paying members. Read more about Floh here.


quackquackThe idea is to keep it real and clean i.e. the site focuses on bringing ‘real/genuine’ users and is solely aimed at Indian users. We are told that it’s truly a hassle for an Indian single to go online and find someone genuine to date with. They either end up in the arms of bots, porn peddlers or the matchmakers. Once you register on QuackQuack, you can send blinks, waves or short messages that are templatized and chat with others. Read more about QuackQuack here.


Is an Indian site which proclaims “No stalkers, No Creeps” on its front page. Clearly, they understand the problems of single people on the Internet. Give it a shot and see if you get lucky.

Enough with dating services. Lets look at a couple of other things.

Thrill App: This is one app where women get all the power to decide. Once men apply to join, the female users vote them up or down depending on how ‘thrilling’ they are.thrill app Once approved, the app lets users vote on others, and if both parties find each other thrilling, an intro is made. Get the app here. Read more about the app here.


Want to go dancing this Valentine’s day, but can’t find a partner to practice with? Try Danzli. The app then finds users who have same tastes as you and generates a list of dance partners. Find more about the app here.


Started by two ex-Googlers, Krush is an app that introduces users to single friends of friends. Upon joining Krush, users get a list of compatible friends and friends of friends to date everyday at 7 pm. krushOnce you receive the list, you can anonymously like a person. If the person likes your profile as well, a match is created. The app is in public beta currently, launches nationally today. Get the app here.


 “Loneliness can be overpowering, keep it away with KissMS,” reads KissMS’ webpage. As the name suggests, the app does just that. The app allows users to send different kinds of virtual kisses to their selected list of contacts. It essentially works like an emoticon, which the developers call Kimoji. Along with each kissMS sent, it gives you the duration of the kiss, distance traveled, etc. In addition to this, users can also attach 10 second audio recordings or text messages to their kissMSes. Get the app here.

Other Services

Send voice greetings to your cupid this Valentine’s day using GreetZAP App: The Android app  introduces concept of voice cards and enables users to record their feelings and emotions and send it to their loved ones through physical voice cards delivered at recipient’s doorstep. For those who don’t have an Android phone, try out their website (link) or their mobile site (link ).

There’s Valentine Radio which has a list of shoutcast and icecast radio stations that play romantic music non-stop all the time (link). Nubes should check out some dating tips on this Android app.

*Some of the apps that were included in our previous list have been removed as they don’t exist anymore.

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