Day Parting – A Nifty Option In Digital Campaign Management

One very cool(but infrequently used) option in most digital marketing platforms is day and week parting.

This is how it works. You can choose to show your ads only on certain days of the week, or on certain times of the day, or on certain times on certain days.

This can give you incredibly powerful targeting options. Consider a few examples I’ve seen:

a.       A travel advertiser noticed his traffic was 50% higher on Monday mornings – and immediately used day parting to focus his budgets during the peak period.

b.       A food chain I worked with used day parting in a mobile campaign to show different banners at different times of the day. They showed banners for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on what time of the day it was.

c.        Another former client noticed he had high traffic but no conversions at all on weekends. Cutting off his weekend traffic cut his costs 30% and improved his ROI significantly.

This, of course, is available on most major ad platforms and networks – Adwords, Facebook, InMobi, Admob all have this – you just have to look inside the respective interfaces.

What do you think of this? What are other digital tips and tricks that you can think of?

[Shamanth Rao is the head of campaign management for APAC at InMobi ( ). You can follow him on Twitter here. His writings are at .]

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