Dazo Launches Service That Lets Customers Order Based On Mood

Dazo is introducing a new way to order food
Dazo is introducing a new way to order food

Earlier we had covered Bangalorean food delivery app Dazo and its funding by Google’s Rajan Anandan.

Now, Dazo has come up with some exciting new options for customers to order based on their mood.

As per Shashaank Singhal, co-founder of Dazo, users want to de-clutter their choices when they are just looking to order food online.

To this effect Dazo is categorising meals into 3 tags that can be used by consumers to narrow down the food they want to order.

This helps Dazo’s partners deliver food faster and get good feedback on their menus.

  • DazoPulse caters to people who want quick and light food.
  • DazoIndulge offers them the chance to splurge on something heavier.
  • DazoDelights is for those occasions when you just need to satisfy that craving for something special.

Additionally, Haagen Dazs is teaming up with Dazo to provide new types of sundaes.

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