DDOSd. From Russia, with Love [Update]

Pluggd.in has joined the ranks of Twitter, WordPress.com and Slideshare as we faced a massive DDOS attack from our Russian lovers. The good news however is that we are back now; but for now, we have blocked a few IPs.russia_with_love

Update 1: August 25th (2012), 8:08 AM: We have moved to CloudFlare services and Nameserver propagation at max will take 1 or 2 more hours (it’s mostly done).

We are monitoring the site traffic and as of now, we have blocked ALL countries except India. So if you aren’t able to see Pluggd.in, do share your IP address with us (drop a mail to team@NextBigWhat.com), though this is just a temporary arrangement and we should be back in full flow in the next 24 hours or so.

Meanwhile, we recommend you to subscribe to our mailing newsletter (link) or RSS feed to have full access to the content, or simply visit our mobile site, http://m.NextBigWhat.com (which is hosted in a different server) to get your daily doze of awesomeness.

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