And we do the obvious. Launch A Deal Site..Err..But Why?

Rediff did the obvious. Times Internet did the obvious. Mouthshut too did the obvious.

Everybody seems to be doing it! So we also decided to do it!pideals

What is IT?

That is, launch a deal site (

Why another deal site?

Don’t we have enough of them (actually speaking, India has more deal sites than unique deals available on these sites). So why add to the clutter?

Well, we are launching  a deal site specifically for startups and the deals you’ll get to see on PI’s deal site will be much different from what you see elsewhere (Spa or NoSpa(m)?). Our first and foremost job is to bring new merchants onboard, create new category – something which none of the deal sites focus on (same deal/merchant is circulated).

We won’t be competing with any of the existing deal sites, but instead will be creating a new category and hopefully, in the process inspire other publishers to create niche category deal sites.

A typical deal you will see on our deal site will come from service providers (like accounting/legal/CA/educational companies) or from technology providers (like hosting etc), so that they reach the target segment via the most effective channel, i.e.

A Perspective

Ever since I started, I have been getting requests from service providers to connect them to Indian technology startups, provide them a platform where they can reach out to startups in the most cost effective format.

The deal section is first step towards the same. Most of the deals will be pan-India in nature and will come from service providers inside/outside India with a single promise – the deal has to be targeted towards startups/geeky community that reaches out to.

Launch Date?

We want to start off with a big bang and our first goal is to reach out to a minimum of 5,000 email subscribers before we launch the service [While we heart startups, we also need to ensure that we deliver immense value to our customers (service companies)].

So if you are an entrepreneur who is excited about our deal site, do Subscribe to deals by Email and importantly, share the deal section with other entrepreneurs/startup friends so that we can go live (remember, we need a threshold of 5,000 subscribers!).

Hop on to and the do the ‘obvious’ (its your turn!).

Also, please help us understand what sort of deals would you be interested in (do fill up this small form embedded in this post or hop to this link, if you are reading this post on rss reader).

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PS: We already have few deals lined up for you. But before we share those deals, we need a certain threshold. So help us so that we can help you achieve huge discounts!

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