Roundup of new launches: Dealaajtak, Linkedzone and Funpiper

Disclaimer: this is a FYI post and not really a review of any products mentioned below.

The local deals market in India is heating up. While OffersforShopper (read the review and founder’s interview) is trying to penetrate into the local offline deals, sites like Dealaajtak are focusing mainly on online deals. The site has a neat UI and is pretty much on the lines of
Well, time and again, I have believed that if one wants to get into the deals business, they have to jump “off the online avatar” and should really get into collecting the offline deals.
An Indian version of LinkedIn, LinkedZone is a professional networking site which enables one to share connect with colleagues, refer jobs etc. I asked Mohit, founder of LinkedZone on why is it different from LinkedIn and this is what he has to say:

Well that’s the most common question I get. I think its different from Linkedin in terms of its simplicity and ability to navigate . Linkedin is quite complicated in terms of what you can do and what you cannot.They have whole set of rules which are at times very painful. Also at Linkedzone in time you will see more Indian jobs than you can see on Linkedin.

This is because Linkedin job postings are way too costly for Indian markets. Plus there are more features ( currently under development ) which are specifically targetted for Indians. Once they are out you will clearly see the difference between Linkedin and Linkedzone.

If Twitter is about “What are you doing”, Funpiper is about “How was your weekend?“. Funpiper is aiming to be a social network for people to discuss their weekend plans (on the lines of Yahoo! Weekender?) On being asked the details of Funpiper, this is what founder,Ajitesh has to say: is envisioned to be one stop shop for weekend planning where the most current short message style of blogging, Twitters and, Social Networking plays very crucial role.

Simply speaking.. people come and write about how was their weekend OR read about how others had their weekend. And, based on what they find exciting, they plan weekends with their friends(SN) in a unique fashion.
We are coming up very soon with enhanced UI look, social networking “My friends” feature, and PLAN feature.

Well, my feedback on these products isn’t too positive (where is the depth? If not for opensource CMS tools/pligg, will they exist?), but I might be wrong and hence, I request you people to give these products a dekko and share your comments/feedbacks.

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