News Roundup – Deathblow to Mobile Grey Market, RCom to Launch ‘Zoozoo’ Challenge..and more

Latest news roundup:

Import of mobile handsets without IMEI number banned

Government on Wednesday banned import of all handsets without the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, whichis in a way a death blow to grey market phones.

The ban will hit Chinese/Taiwanese manufacturer, the only good news is that this ban will not hurt the existing 25 million phones (without IMEI code) that are floating in the market. – More

Vodafone Zoozoo campaign RoI – Brand Recall Tripled

Vodafone’s Zoozoo campaign has resulted in increase in brand recall by three times, as per a study by Mediaedge:cia’s (MEC).
The study, carried over a sample size of 800 reveals that DLF had the most TOM (Top-of-mind recall), followed by Vodafone (was able to triple it’s TOM) In terms of effectiveness of on-ground branding elements, boundary ropes and perimeter ropes scored high in TOM scores. Some other elements that scored were jersey fronts and grass mats. Interestingly, respondents remembered all the branding elements. – source

RCom to Launch ‘Zoozoo’ challenge

RCom is borrowing a concept from the Charlie Chaplin classic The Great Dictator and the new advertising will feature five animated characters dancing with a globe.

..much like the Zoozoos, these “humanised network bars” will communicate the strength of the company’s network through five-second spot advertisements. – More

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