Deceived by Design: How Google and Facebook are using dark patterns to make you share your personal data

Study from a Norway watchdog group shows how Google and Facebook manipulate us into sharing information about ourselves.
This shows a lack of respect for their users, and are circumventing the notion of giving consumers control of their personal data, says Finn Myrstad, director of digital services in the Norwegian Consumer Council.

– Research has shown that users rarely change pre-selected settings. In many cases, both Facebook and Google have set the least privacy friendly choice as the default
– Sharing of personal data and the use of targeted advertising are presented as exclusively beneficial through wording and design, often in combination with threats of lost functionality if users decline.
– The privacy friendly choices require significantly more clicks to reach and are often hidden away.
– In many cases, the services obscure the fact that users have very few actual choices, and that comprehensive data sharing is accepted just by using the service. The feeling of control may also convince users to share more information.

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