Review19 enables decision making for distributed teams

Have a distributed team? Need a decision making tool that helps you collate opinion/information across your distributed team?

Have a distributed team? Need a decision making tool that helps you collate opinion/information across your distributed team? Well, Review19 works like your online whiteboard that brings structure to the entire decision making process.

The product has specific set of steps/options to include useful resources for teams to make informed decision. What’s really great about the tool is the simplicity of the interface, combined with several options surfaced – i.e. polls/images/relevant links/pros and cons list – i.e. a good representation of how decisions are taken in any team.



Here is a brief QnA with Srirangan S, founder of Review19 :

1.What exactly is the use-case you are going after? Decision making process for ‘consumers’? Even in enterprises, who do you think will use this product?

The typical user would be a distributed team. The team can be part of a small / large organization or even an open source group as long as there is at least one decision maker and another participant in the process. From an enterprise perspective, it becomes more of a decision tracking and auditing tool in additional to collaborative decision making. Users would involve decision makers across the organizational graph be it people lower down making operational decisions or the higher-ups making strategic ones.

The closest competitor out there is SAP StreamWork. There are a few other collaborative decision making offerings as well.

2. The product also doubles up as a bug-tracking tool – what’s the thought process behind this offering?

Well, yeah, here’s the story. This emerged as my side project while I was fiddling with new technologies like Node.js and concepts real-time sync with web sockets. Project tracking was the first implementation, a proof-of-concept so to speak.

From the original proof-of-concept a framework was extracted, a modular structure architected and we now have two modules i.e. decision making and project tracking and the capability of building more independent modules (apps) loosely tied together with the framework glue.

Will project tracking continue to be a product offering? Not sure. However some of its features can be part of the decision making module for example action items / tasks. Anyway, project tracking already has some users and there isn’t a data export option built-in as yet, so it continues to be made available.

3. Future plans?

Bootstrap, gather feedback, fine tune the product, and in some time make SaaS freemium offerings available. Target small businesses in areas where distributed teams is more common. Eventually gain enough traction to target enterprise sales. If funding happens along the way, we become more ambitious and pre-pone enterprise sales milestones!

An interesting concept – one of those ‘small features’ that often is missing in big products (the way everybody missed the ‘Instagram moment’). In its current stage, the product needs to target specific use-cases, for instance design consulting companies can use this to brainstorm design with their clients, SMEs can use the tool to get to decision making quickly et al; as otherwise the value proposition is too niche for a broader audience.

For sure, this is an interesting concept and well implemented. Do give Review19 a spin and share your comments.

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